MK POWER EQUIPMENT LLC is an authorized sales representative of SolarCleano which is a Luxembourg-based robotics company aiming at providing innovative robotic solutions to the solar panel cleaning industry. The company was born by combining its knowledge of mechanical design with solid solar panel cleaning experience.

In less than 4 years, SolarCleano robots are already actively working in 53 countries on 5 continents. In 2021, the robots cleaned a total of 27 GW solar installations globally.

With the growth of our global market, SolarCleano is turning its business model from mechanical design into a service and robotics company with high level of automation and data analysis, using Artificial Intelligence to further improve solar panel predictive maintenance.

We are aiming together with our partner becoming a real game changer, providing innovative solutions to our planet for a sustainable future.



Why cleaning solar panels?

Regular cleaning maintains your photovoltaic installation and can help it regain performance. The sunlight reflection diminishes with dirt and reduces the absorption of solar energy on photovoltaic cells.

What are the cleaning capacities?

With the SolarCleano M1 you can clean 0.8MW a day.
With the SolarCleano F1 you can clean 1.5MW a day.
With the SolarCleano B1 you can clean 15MW a day.

Don't feel like carrying the robot? Leave the job to the Transporter.

T1 is the robot transporter that allows an easy transport of solar robots from one panel row to the next. Remote-controlled and battery powered. Conveniently tilts to the right angle of any solar installation for seamless operation.