T1 - Don't feel like carrying the robot? Leave the job to the Transporter.

  • Designed for any ground-based power plant
  • Maximum tilt of 25° for seamless operation
  • Ready for all ground conditions
  • Save your time and energy




The SolarCleano T1 is especially developed to transport your F1, M1, and F1A from one panel row to the next. 

  • Speed up to 54m/min
  • Platform height from 70cm to to 1.88m
  • Remote-controlled and battery-powered
  • The all-terrain solution

Transporting robot between solar panels made easy

With one single operator, you can now clean up to 4 MW per day without even carrying your solar cleaning robot around. The robot transporter is compatible with the SolarCleano F1, M1, and F1A, and can handily tilt to the right angle of the solar installations for seamless operation.

Technical Data

View SolarCleano T1 Technical Details (PDF)