MK POWER EQUIPMENT LLC’s solution partner for Hydro Power Equipment, namely: BITC is the primary contact worldwide for hydropower technologies and secures a liveable environment for the next generations with innovative and cost effective solutions for Hydro Power Investors.

The world famous “DVG2000 Turbine Governor” was invented with high speed valve and logic cartridge control valve as its core components, instead of slide valve type as main distributing valve and traditional electro-hydraulic conversion.  

Main Components of DVG2000 Turbine Governor:

  •     Unit auxiliary control equipment (touch screen etc. included), inlet butterfly valve/ball valve control system, lubricating system, brake system and related equipment
  •     Unit automatic components  and equipment emergency distributing valve, step closing device, weight loaded close down valve, oil pump combined valve, servomotor main switches, speed signaling device, etc.  

** As of 2020 the DVG2000 Turbine Governor has been successfully used in over 5700 MW’s of Hydro Power Plant projects with the biggest unit capacity of 300 MW’s serving more than 65 generating units worldwide.