M1 Ultra lightweight and versatile mini solar robot.

  • Small and light (27kg without brushes)
  • Cleaning capacity up to 800m²/h
  • Water and waterless solar panel cleaning robot for all panel systems
  • Clean with only 1 operator
  • For smaller installationsglass roof, and window cleaning





The SolarCleano M1 makes your life easier thanks to its mini size and weight. An alternative solar panel cleaning solution to your solar PV installations and glass roof, it is now gaining increasing popularity in window cleaning.

  • Connects to standard garden hoses of 13-15mm in diametre and of 2.0 - 8.0 bar solar panel cleaning water pressure. Valves to regulate water consumption
  • System for waterless solar panel cleaning
  • Certified NO microcracks after electroluminescent test
  • Central electric switching box. Power supply by lithium-ion batteries enabling an autonomy of 3h
  • Camera for safe remote operation
  • Helicoidal brushes of 0.8m with 2 bristle types for thin-film solar cells. Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning
  • High-end caterpillar tracks. Pressure on panel 3500Pa

Fully modular design

The robot can be dismounted into 3 parts for easy transportation. The assembly and disassembly take 2 minutes. The SolarCleano mini solar panel cleaning robot can fit into any type of vehicle. Highly mobile and light, it can be conveniently carried and operated by one person.

Technical Data

View SolarCleano M1 Technical Details (PDF)