We supply Kaplan-Turbines up to 50 MW per unit.

The best solution for low pressures (low head) with high flow (high discharge).

Together with our Experimental Research Center of Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory which is the World’s biggest and highest accuracy model test laboratory, we ensure Individualized design at state-of-the-art technology which provides highest efficiency, longest lifespan and secures extraordinary profitability. Our Fully featured and top level test rigs for hydraulic machinery laboratory are equipped, including three universal model test rigs for hydraulic machinery and one model test rig for Abrasion and Erosion Testing System Hydraulic Machinery which is one of a kind in the World.   

We provide the perfect solution for every application:

  •     Open Flume, Pit, Bulb, Spiral, Siphon Turbines
  •     double or single regulated
  •     horizontal, inclined or vertical setting
  •     3 to 6 blades

Kaplan turbine facts:

  •     Low pressure – ultra-high efficiency
  •     Ideal for large volumes of water
  •     High-tech in open-flume, bulb, Z and S turbines
  •     Customized and adaptable