B1 SolarBridge - the future of solar farm cleaning.

  • Remote-controlled robot
  • For wet and dry solar panel cleaning
  • Solution to ground-based utility-scale solar farms
  • Cleaning capacity up to 8MW per day





The SolarCleano B1 is by far the biggest, fastest, and smartest robot ever created by SolarCleano. Loaded with advanced technology features, this revolutionary robot intends to disrupt the cleaning of utility-scale power plants worldwide. 

  • Power supply by battery
  • Different options of brush up to 6m
  • Self-adaptation to height and inclination
  • Can operate under any weather

Innovative solar cleaning technologies

The robot can automatically track and self-adapt to the height and inclination of solar panels for smooth operation. It can be equipped with brushes of up to 6m, giving it a cleaning capacity of 8MW per day.

Technical Data

View SolarCleano B1 Technical Details (PDF)