We supply Francis-turbines up to a 100 MW per unit.

For medium head applications with medium flow.

Together with our Experimental Research Center of Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory which is the World’s biggest and highest accuracy model test laboratory, we ensure Individualized design at state-of-the-art technology which provides highest efficiency, longest lifespan and secures extraordinary profitability. Our Fully featured and top level test rigs for hydraulic machinery laboratory are equipped, including three universal model test rigs for hydraulic machinery and one model test rig for Abrasion and Erosion Testing System Hydraulic Machinery which is one of a kind in the World.   

  •     Open-flume turbine for low head
  •     with a spiral casing for medium head
  •     as horizontal and vertical design

The Francis runner can be machined out of a forged monoblock of stainless steel.  For larger runners, a welded version can also be made available.

Francis turbine facts:

  •     Versatile for up to 100 MW of electricity
  •     Hydropower with a head of 5-350 m
  •     Guaranteed hydraulic properties with maximum efficiency
  •     Minimal to no wear of wearing parts