Maken International Engineering LTD. was founded in Istanbul / Turkey.


Maken signed an exclusive representation contract with BITC for the European region.


Maken Brokerage Services LTD. was founded in Istanbul / Turkey.


MK Hydro 1 Investment LLC was founded in Colorado / USA.


MK Power Equipment LLC was founded in Texas / USA.

In 2007, the dominance of West European Manufacturers in the sector of Electromechanical Equipment combined with the lack of competition in the field, led to uncontrollable price escalations resulting in financially infeasible projects for all Power Plant Investors. As two young engineers our founders realized that this problem had to be addressed and solved to open a new path and create an alternative for investors struggling with the uncompetitive market environment. Hence they founded their company, became entrepreneurs and took a 6 month long trip to East Europe and Asia, investigating more than 50 manufacturers and 20 design institutes in the search for alternative international partners.

In 2008, the newly founded company named “MAKEN INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO. LTD.” chose not only the best partners from East Europe and Asia but from all around the world, this selection of high class manufacturers ensured the highest quality power plant products for Utility Scale Power Plant Investors where MAKEN not only acted as a mediary trading company but also as an engineering company which tracks and implements all inspection and test plans (ITP) to all its international manufacturing partners hence ensured the expected high quality standards of its customers since it was established in the year of 2008.

In the course of time “MAKEN INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO. LTD.” has established many subsidiaries such as; “MK POWER EQUIPMENT LLC. (TEXAS)” and is growing every year more and more to provide a wider range of equipment solutions needed for utility scale power plants with the motto of serving its customers “European Quality. Priced Modestly.” which is the core foundation of our company since it was established.

As of today we are proud to have supplied more than 22 turnkey generating units which add up to a total installed capacity of more than 470 MW’s worldwide. Beginning from 2021 we are very excited to extend our business to the Americas under the roof of “MK POWER EQUIPMENT LLC. (TEXAS)” where we are keen to meet and serve our new customers and share our high quality products for fair and competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for your needs, we will find the most cost efficient way to help you.