MK POWER EQUIPMENT LLC’s solution partner for Hydro Power Equipment, namely: BITC is the primary contact worldwide for hydropower technologies and secures a liveable environment for the next generations with innovative and cost effective solutions for Hydro Power Investors.

Our synchronous electric generators offer a complete solution for hydroelectric power stations. These generators are designed in line with the specific turbine parameters and the plant’s point of operation. The critical data for the project is considered during the design process with the aim being to guarantee maximum output at low loads, while also ensuring the equipment’s reliability throughout its service life.

The robustness of their construction, their high efficiency and flexibility of the design in each specific project range makes us the right choice in hydro power generators to be installed in dams, run-of-the-river hydroelectric power plants or pumped-storage power stations.

  •     Wide range of customized accessories
  •     Inertia values determined based on the needs of the installation
  •     All types of cooling
  •     Both horizontal and vertical assembly. Can be adapted to any number of poles or different speeds.

Our generators can be coupled to Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, S-Kaplan and Bulb type turbines, with a unit capacity up to 120 MVA, H class insulation, IP23 to IP56, voltage  up to 15 kV, in horizontal and vertical construction form and manufactured in accordance to IE,  NEMA and IEEE standards.