Water Pipelines manufactured by Erciyas are water pipes that are supplied on a large scale and serve reliably in local and international markets. In addition to various insulation and coating possibilities for corrosion protection, we also offer a variety of pipe end connections such as welded round, cylindrical, spherical and e-joint.   

We are able to deliver line pipe up to 60-foot TRLs, with an outside diameter of 10” to 160”, with a thickness of 0.2” to 1.38” and API 5L PSL1&PSL2 grades up to X80.  

We provide not only different pipe end connection types such as plain, beveled, cylindrical, spherical and e-joint but also various lining & coating possibilities for corrosion protection such as Fusion Bonded Epoxy(FBE) External Coating,  Polyethylene External 3 Layer Coating, Polypropylene External 3 Layer Coating, Polyurethane(PU), Solvent Free Epoxy Internal Lining, Float Coat Epoxy Internal Lining, Cement Mortar.  

Erciyas laboratories are accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 independent test certificate to ensure and warrant the quality of its products.

The list of the Tests applied in Erciyas’ ISO 17025 Accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratory:



  •     Tensil Test    
  •     Hardness Test
  •     Bending Test
  •     Guided Band Test
  •     DWTT (Drop Weight Tear Test)    
  •     Spectral Analysis Test
  •     Charpy Impact Test
  •     Chemical Analysis
  •     Macro Analysis


  •     Automatic On-line Ultrasonic Inspection
  •     Radioscopic Inspection    
  •     Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  •     Visual & Dimension Inspection    
  •     Off-line Ultrasonic Inspection
  •     Strip Lamination Inspection
  •     Manual Ultrasonic Inspection
  •     Magnetic Particle Inspection

Production Standards

  • API 5L PSL-1
  • API 5L PSL-2
  • EN-10217
  • EN 10224
  • DIN 1626
  • AWWA C-200
  • UNFA 49150
  • DIN 2460
  • BS 534
  • UNI 6363