MK POWER EQUIPMENT Solar Racking solutions are designed, engineered, and manufactured to drive down hardware and installation costs, saving our customers time and money.

Our Solar Racking solutions:

  • Are fast and easy to install thanks to integrated special alignment and stop notches.
  • Provide maximum safety standards, preventing climbing on modules during installations.
  • Ensure minimum backside shading thanks to special beam and purlin design.
  • Are either pre-engineered or project-specific designed thanks to its special purlin design.
  • Are designed for minimum structural weight for maximum cost efficiency.
  • Have versatile purlin design, allowing the modules to be installed with either special clips or standard bolts.
  • Have high ground clearance availability.
  • Can be manufactured from a wide range of galvanization options as per customers’ request. If requested, our team can advise on the best solution according to different site conditions, which will ensure 40 years of rust resistance.
  • Are manufactured with an ability to perform the entire process in a single plant (including hot dip galvanization process).
  • Are manufactured in "LEED-GOLD" certified facilities respecting and protecting the environment.



MK POWER EQUIPMENT Solar Racking solutions provide high-quality, cost efficient, fast and easy to install solar ground mounting systems, aiming to increase its Customers’ profitability.

MK POWER EQUIPMENT is a one stop solution address for solar projects. Where we provide Photovoltaic Solar Modules, Solar Racking Solutions and Solar Cleaning Robots for Our Customers.